2017 ZERO FX & FXS

Danger Danger: High Voltage Excitement

You’ve never experienced power and freedom like this. All those things you wished you could get away with… they just became possible. It is said that, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Just in case you find that to be true, hit the eco-switch.

Delivering a nearly instantaneous 70 ft lbs of torque, 44 hp and with a low weight of only 289 lbs, the Zero FX takes urban riding to all-new levels. Stealthily ride at any hour of the day, or night, on a motorcycle that distills riding into its most basic and adrenaline pumping elements.

Tempting you to ride on any terrain that crosses your path, the Zero FX chassis hail from Zero Motorcycles’ championship winning Zero MX platform and features the most advanced Z-Force™ technology yet.

Equipped with a maintenance-free powertrain, belt drive and fully modular power pack system, no riding time is wasted and each mile ridden only costs around a penny in electricity.

Maximum Torque: Deployed

The Zero FX boasts more torque and acceleration than any other in the history of Zero Motorcycles. It is the ultimate ‘do anything’ and ‘ride anywhere’ urban motorcycle. At 70 ft-lbs, 44 hp and a low weight of only 289 lbs the Zero FX launches off the line and pulls hard at any RPM. Capable of molding to any rider’s desires, the performance characteristics of the Zero FX can be tailored to the rider’s specifications via Bluetooth and a compatible mobile device. Built off of the full-sized championship-winning Zero MX platform, it leverages the same off-road suspension to allow thrill-seeking riders to explore both on and off-road terrain. Visually distinct, the Zero FX is available strictly in all black with a subtle and sophisticated graphics package.

The Zero FX features a fully modular power pack system. With slots for two power packs, you can operate the Zero FX with either one or both slots filled. The modules can be charged either on the motorcycle or elsewhere using optional accessories, giving you the ability to charge without a street-level outlet. The Zero FX can be purchased with either one module (ZF2.8) or two modules (ZF5.7).

improving upon success

All-new features and a host of refinements make one of the most dynamic motorcycles on the planet even more entertaining. Showa suspension keeps the bike perfectly balanced whether you’re pointed at the apex, powering over choppy terrain, or sailing along your favorite ribbon of singletrack. The upgraded suspension perfectly complements improved wheels clad with Pirelli Scorpion MT-90 tires for better traction on everything from smooth pavement to dirt roads.

The advanced Bosch anti-lock braking system (ABS) improves safety in a wide array of conditions, ensuring the best performance out of newly tuned hydraulic ratios. Of course, ABS can be disabled when the adventure leads off road. Riders will notice stylish mirrors that provide excellent rearward visibility and reduce motorcycle width. Comfortable new grips are made of a softer rubber compound, and a more robust throttle seamlessly controls the Z-Force® motor’s 70 ft-lbs of torque.


2017 highlights

  • 289 weight for lightweight performance
  • Up to 70 mile range with 5.7 kwh battery package
  • 70 tq & 44 hp
  • Long travel Showa suspension
  • Modular battery system
  • Bosch Gen 9 ABS system
  • No set maintenance intervals

Wanna ride a Zero? You only need a motorcycle license and motorcycle insurance to test ride one of our demo models. Contact us or click below to schedule ride today.