Ural-IMZ is a Russian company who has been DEEPLY involved in building sidecar platform motorcycles since before the onset of WWII. In the late 1930's Russia used intermediaries to purchase a few BMW R71 type military motorcycles under a directive from Stalin to prepare for war with Germany. With the goal of ultimate battlefield mobility and serviceability they could not have chosen a much better platform at the time. Once the basic platform was tested in Russia they decided to knock off the German design from BMW in order to quickly get on better military footing for the looming battles.

Much has changed over the years in terms of the basic package but, much has also just evolved into what you now have access to here in the USA. Now carburetion is handled by modern closed-loop efi and braking is handled by the industry standard, Brembo Brakes. The motor is still a horizontally opposed twin cylinder but no longer a side-valve affair and the internals are now WAY stronger than were all those decades in the past.

Ural is perhaps one of the most passionate motorcycle builders on the planet, the people that work in Irbit, Russia at the factory from the CEO on down are also riders of the machines they produce, trekkers, racers and adventurers. They are not faint hearted, if you do a little searching on YouTube you will see exactly what I mean, they are serious about their product and it's capabilities. They test their bikes in river crossings and treks across the frozen wastelands of Siberia, through deserts and across mountain ranges.

Riding a sidecar is unlike any other experience in motorcycling, fair warning, it is not for everyone but, highly addictive for others! If you have never tried a sidecar out you owe at least that much to yourself. If you have a significant other, dog or child, they will absolutely LOVE it! Sidecars are not about going fast, they are about enjoying the ride, the countryside or urban environment or wherever you find yourself!