Iconic. Italian. Exclusive.



The Vespa 946 has arrived. Continuing Vespa's history of design and engineering, the 946 makes a bold statement. Fine art in movement.

With every curve of it's gorgeous body pressed uniquely for this this limited model, the 946 attracts not a quick glance, but a long absorbing look. A saddle and matching grips of fine leather and hand stitched, give a rider the most luxurious feel and control to enjoy with every ride. Vespa has brought cutting edge technology to the 946 with LED lights, a digital dash, anti-lock brakes, and traction control.  The 946 is a true expression of form and function combined.

Vespa builds the 946 in limited numbers, and are highly sought after. Each year, an extremely limited quantity are released and are different from the year before. 2013 saw the release of the 1st edition 946 in black and white. For 2014, the Bellissima model will be offered and only 100 are available. If you're interested in owning a true piece of Vespa history, please reach out to us and let AF1 assist you in purchasing your Vespa 946.

Highlights & Specifications

  • LED high/low beam headlamp & tail lamp
  • Aluminum handlebar "headset", & highlight body panels
  • Active traction control & anti-lock brake system
  • Luxurious leather saddle & matching grips
  • 3-valve 150cc engine with estimated maximum MPG of 117 and 60MPH top speed
  • 31.6" seat height
  • Bellissima model only - Solo seat with passenger seat attachment