During the preceding decade Norton has been heavily investing in modern sport and racing technology.  After many years of racing Aprilia powered V4 superbikes at The Isle of Man TT and other UK based roadracing series Norton decided to take the road less traveled and build their new racing engines in-house. They have experience building motors and exotic ones at that.  Why 1200cc, why not? Power is quoted as 200bhp+ which is a smart play, the extra 200cc can be used to give massive midrange and rock-solid bottom end power while at the same time still having enough breathing room for a stout top end power hit.  Do you need 1200cc to make 200bhp, of course not but, when have we as motorcycle riders ever wanted smaller motors and less low-end grunt? If you answered, "never" and have the budget, this just might be the perfect road going V4 for you!

The motor compresses air and fuel at 13.6:1 compression ratio in cylinders splayed out in a 72 degree V-angle, perfectly splitting the compromise between the traditional (Honda/Ducati) 90 degree V-angle and the more compact 60-65 degree V-angles chosen by Aprilia and other OEM's for multi-cylinder V motors. This allows for VERY straight downdraft intake valve geometry maximizing the cylinder filling ability of the motor for maximum power across a very wide operating rpm range. 90 degree V-4 motors offer perfect primary balance and require no balance shafts but, they are physically large and difficult to package in a modern sport or racing machine. 

Fuel injection is handled by 8 injectors, 2 per cylinder with each pair of titanium inlet valves being fed a properly metered dose of fuel by either a sub-throttle injector (low rpm and loads) or a shower injector (high rpm, heavy loads) in yet another effort to create a wide, torque rich power curve with smooth power delivery from the full Ride By Wire (RBW) throttles system. To give you an idea of sophistication, the cylinder banks can actually moderate delivery independently of each other,  combine this with modern traction control strategies and wheelie mitigation and you have a bike capable of smoothly running to the coffee shop and back at barely off-idle loads, or absolutely destroying a trackday at the fastest tracks on Earth. The 72 degree motor also sounds like nothing else on the market, videos of it in action are absolutely soulful sounding.

Chassis building is an English specialty that only the Italians can come close to matching, this bike is obviously no exception to that rule. Wheels either of the stock or optional variety are extremely light weight as are the braking components making for a very light steering sensation while still very stable at steep lean angles. The price of admission is not cheap, as with most other things in life you pay for exclusivity and perfection. A deposit of $7,500 USD minimum is required to secure your spot in line, delivery should begin at the end of summer 2017! Final pricing on the bike for the USA market has not been announced but UK pricing is in the 22k-28k GBP range.  At current exchange rates this would mean a landed price in the USA from roughly $30,000-$40,000 depending on how you would like yours built, either to SS or RR spec and what options like race exhaust and carbon fiber wheels you may want.