Meet the Benelli TNT300. This is the newest player in the lightweight street-bike segment of motorcycling, perfect for a learner or starter bike, still fun for those of us old enough to remember the smell of castor oil burning in ancient 2 stroke motors! The TNT300 is designed as a direct competitor to Kawasaki's Ninja 300, the KTM 390 Duke, smaller displacement offerings from Honda and the like. 

Simplicity in the riding experience at an easy to afford entry level price of $3999.  Designed in Italy and assembled in China (similar to the India produced KTM or other small cc bikes) to keep the costs down, this little machine offers feature that literally nothing else in it's class offers, like dual front disk brakes, a motor that can self tune/adjust each cylinder independent of the other so it always runs as smoothly and predictably as mechanically possible, an upside down front fork for better suspension cushioning of your ride. Some of the competitors offer one of these features, I cannot think of another bike though with all of these features.

Powering the Benelli TNT300 is a 300cc parallel twin cylinder, 4 valve, water cooled, fuel injected motor.  The power delivery characteristic is very linear and actually makes decent lower rpm torque while still delivering a bit of a hit in the last few thousand rpm prior to the engine hitting the rev limiter.  When ridden aggressively the transmissions' six ratios are perfectly spaced to keep the engine in the rpm range where it makes best power!

The ride, that is what it is all about after all right? These bikes are fun, bottom line.  The seating position is comfortable, the seat height not sportbike-high but, not crazy cruiser-low either. The handlebar is wide enough for very good leverage making trasitioning side to side effortless.  With suck a light nimble package the TNT300 has become one of my favorite around town motorcycles for running to lunch or on errands, overall it is just fun, the sort of motorcycle I had almost forgotten existed in a modern biking world dominated by huge horsepower and suites of electronics that manage your whole riding experience. Much like a Moto Guzzi, the Benelli is a motor-cycle plain and simple and riding it is rewarding.

We have a demo, come try one out for yourself!