2016 MP3 500

The most advanced 3 wheel scooter returns

For 2016, Piaggio returns the MP3 500 to the US with new styling and improved technology

The new MP3 styling, now more modern and elegant, has hints car-style and a refined finish. Piaggio's Style Center has completely redesigned the distinctive features, modernizing them and making them even more individualistic. The front shield recalls the original model but has a totally new form. The wheels, now13" in diameter, have an elegant new dual 5 spoke design – evoking feelings of sporty luxury. The MP3's rear end has been heavily redesigned to be more streamlined and dynamic – elegantly truncated, highlighting the bike's sporty character.

Technology has always been heavily represented in the MP3, and the newest model raises the bar.  Piaggio has added it's effective ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) and ASR (Acceleration Slip Regulation or traction control) systems, making the new MP3 the most advanced and safe 3 wheeler on the planet! The ASR system provides excellent traction by regulating rear-wheel slippage and greatly increases safety on slippery, wet, and uneven surfaces. ABS maximizes safety by preventing wheel lockup under braking and allowing full control of the vehicle at all times.

At the heart of the MP3 is it's articulated quadrilateral front suspension, with two independent and tilting front wheels. It's this technology that makes it practical for any road at any time, ensuring great turn in and grip.  This secure feeling of stability aids in riding enjoyment especially in urban environments and adverse conditions without sacrificing the fun agility of a scooter.

The MP3 500 uses a 492.7cc Piaggio engine to provide excellent power and responsive performance. The single cylinder engine produces 40 peak horsepower and 31 peak pound-feet of torque. All of this accessible with a twist and go throttle and automatic CVT drive allowing a maximum speed of 89 MPH.

With well balanced power, handling, and safety, the new MP3 also improves rider comfort and usability. The saddle is redesigned for both rider and passenger to give a better ride over bumpy pavement, and provides excellent under-seat storage. Taking advantage of redesigned front bodywork, legroom and wind protection are improved. Even with expansive new design, the MP3 remains incredibly compact and nimble for traffic and parking situations

Come experience what MP3 riders have known for some time, that the MP3 is the right vehicle for any situation! All the leaning and fun of a motorcycle but with the security and stability of an extra wheel. Contact us to take a test ride today!

highlights & specifications

  •  Articulated quadrilateral front suspension provides 2 independent and tilting front wheels
  • Electro-hydraulic suspension locking system
  • 20% less braking distance required  
  • 40-degree lean angle for ultimate maneuverability
  • Single cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valve engine
  • 492.7 cc
  • 40.1 hp
  • 45.5 Nm at 5,000 rpm
  • 'Twist 'n go' automatic CVT transmission
  • Liquid Cooled
  • ABS standard
  • 89 MPH maximum speed
  • 55 MPG
  • 3.2 gallon fuel tank
  • 'Twist & Go' automatic CVT
  • 30.9" seat height
  • Dry Weight: 577 lbs
  • Piaggio scooters include a 2-year unlimited-mileage warranty