Vintage Guzzi Charm in a modern package

The flashback effect comes out in the details: the spoke wheels, the fuel tank with chromium sides, the oversize saddle, the rear mudguard with the gem-shaped taillight, the bullhorn handlebar, the passenger grab handle.

Moto Guzzi has preserved the personality of its ancestor, flawless combining elements from the past with technological evolution and stylistic continuity.

The flash forward effect is distinguished by the complex (polyelliptical) headlight shape equipped with LED daylight running light (DRL) a unique piece of design that is a work of art itself. The instrument panel is equally striking, contained in a 150 mm diameter circular panel with the analogue rev counter scale finding its place along the external circumference and a multifunction full-matrix suspended display at the centre, all packaged neatly, like a luxury watch, in a bright chromed housing.

You never get on the Eldorado, but rather you settle comfortably into the saddle. Positioned just 28.5 in (724 mm) from the ground, the new saddle, together with the generous floorboards and the comfortable bullhorn handlebar grip, is an invitation to take a seat, press the start button and let the asphalt roll under your feet for at least 185 miles (300 km), which is the minimum range guaranteed by the sculpturesque 5.4 gallons (20.5 litre) fuel tank.

Eldorado Standard Features:

 - 1400 V-TWIN producing explosive torque of 87 ft. lbs. at just 2750 rpm 
96 hp at 6500 rpm 
 - Innovative elastic engine mounts for zero vibrations and total riding comfort
 - 6-speed gearbox
 - Traction Control - (MGTC) Adjustable 3-stage
 - Ride-by-wire, three engine maps: Touring, Sport, Rain
 - Electronic cruise control
 - Unique polyellipsoidal shaped headlamp with DRL (daytime running lights)
 - ABS / Brembo brakes
 - 5.4 gallon fuel capacity
 - Newspoked tubless 16’ rims, whitewall tires (front 130/90 & 180/65 rear