2016 V7 II RACER

Transparent Technology

Moto Guzzi introduces technical changes to the V7 providing big results without contaminating the purity of the ride. So significant are the changes that the V7 daws a new name as the V7 II. A completely new gear box, modern safety enhancements, engine layout, and ergonomic adjustments add up to a real evolution of what has already become a loved classic in the modern motorcycle market.

reaching another gear

The V7 II gearbox is completely new and now features a 6th gear. The additional gear allows for gears 1 through 5 to have closer gear ratios, and the primary drive ratio changed from 16:21 to 18:23. These changes give a more responsive ride through less RPM drop between gears.  All of the associated components, such as the lever, linkage, and cable, have been changed for easier shifts as well. 

Safety through transparent technology

A lot of modern riders want the addition of safety through rider aids, but may not realize that they can often dampen the enjoyment of the ride. Previously seen in the California 1400 and simplified for the V7 II, Moto Guzzi's traction control and ABS systems provide riders with smart safety in the event of traction loss. These systems are 'smart' due to their ability to be calibrate and adapt for tire wear and or use of non-standard tire sizes. Ultimately this means the added benefit of modern safety but implemented as transparent as possible to keep the purity of Moto Guzzi's V7 II inline with all V7 before it.

never rest on the details

Looking at the V7 II for the first time, an enthusiast may sense an nuanced but significant difference – the bike appears to be longer and more front-loaded. It may seem like an optical illusion, but it is something more: the engine has been tilted 4° toward the front axle and lowered 10 mm compared to the previous model. The proof is in the pudding: three centimetres of knee room were added which, thanks to the new footpegs, lowered 25 mm provide a comfortable seating position even for riders who are a few centimetres taller than average. Besides comfort, the Moto Guzzi V7 II is a whole other bike in terms of riding pleasure. All you have to do is squeeze the clutch and engage the gear to appreciate a soft and quiet action which was unheard of on the previous five speed gearbox. Once you are in the saddle, lowered to 790 mm from the previous height of 805, you'll discover how the new saddle-handlebar-footpegs triangulation transmits the pleasant sensation of being in the bike and not on top of it like with the previous version. The new riding position also allows you to fully enjoy the changes made to the chassis which, thanks to the new lower and farther forward position of the engine, have made it more communicative and efficient in demanding riding. The rear axle has also been re-stabilised, increasing suspension negative travel by lowering the cardan final drive output 50 mm. This now allows greater tyre grip during load transfer, both in braking and direction changes. Sure, the V7 II is not a bike designed to break track records, but even in that situation it is faster now than the previous version and then its direct competitors.

2016 V7 II RACER

MSRP: $11,190

The limited edition V7 II Racer celebrates the lineup in stunning fashion. Aesthetic upgrades include the all-black side panels, mirrors, silencer brackets and footpeg guards, contrasting the bright chrome fuel tank. The number “7” is placedin chrome on the top and tail fairings (in the Moto Guzzi, 7 was a favorite for the 250 class world champion Enrico Lorenzetti).

The single seat saddle is covered in Alcantara to match the leather strap personalized with the Moto Guzzi logo that decorates the crest of the tank. A two-up saddle and passenger footpeg kit is available as an accessory.

Exemplary Guzzi styling is clear in the tail and top fairings – reminiscent of the legendary Gambalunga. This unequivocally sporty element is in perfect harmony with the shorter front mudguard . From the rider's seat, other new features are represented by the brake and clutch levers, redesigned in order to achieve better ergonomics.

Bitubo WMY01 shock absorbers with spring preload adjustment, and rebound and compression thanks to a twelve-setting adjustment knob.


3 bikes - unlimited possibilities

The V7 II, like the previous V7, cannot resist customization. Moto Guzzi introduces additional custom kits that can be ordered as a whole or mix and matched to make your V7 II truly your own. These kits were designed by Europe's top custom bike craftsman and are guaranteed to add to the V7 II's character and charisma.

The Dapper Kit

The dark kit

the legend kit

The Scrambler kit