2017 Benelli TNT600

The Benelli TNT600 maybe new to the US market but the technology behind the motorcycle is proven to work across a wide range of riding conditions.  These bikes are perfect for urban warriors or weekend backroad riders.  The ride is brisk, acceleration crisp and braking plenty powerful with a Brembo derived braking system. The TNT600 changes direction with minimal pressure on the bars and feels better than many pure sports bikes when ridden at less than 10/10th's pace.  Are these yet another 600cc repli-racer, no, not at all, they are designed and engineered to be used daily in any conditions you wish to ride in, certainly the TNT would fare fine at an occasional track day but, the real goal with this bike seems to be urban commuting and daily two wheeled fun sessions.

The motor is a 600cc inline four cylinder, fuel injected, using not one, but four oxygen sensors allowing the ecu to fine tune the mixture on a "per cylinder" basis for the smoothest possible operation, good throttle response, superb fuel economy and care free operation no matter the load. These are not high strung 600cc motors, rather they are more like what is found in the Yamaha FZ6 or the Honda 599, meaning usable power from as low an rpm as you wish all the way to the rev limiter without any detectable dips or spikes in the powerband. There is some perceptible vibration due to the inline 4 cylinder motor configuration, just enough to remind you you are burning dead dinosaurs, not transferring electrons to motivate your trip down the road. The best description might just be, user friendly with no surprises while getting up to your target speed as quick as you desire.


2017 Highlights

  Engine Type Inline 4 Cylinder, Water-cooled, 4-stroke
  Displacement 600 cc
  Max Power 82 hp @ 11,500 rpm
  Max Torque 38.4 ft·lb @ 9,000 rpm
  Fuel System EFI
  Starter Electric
  Transmission 6-Speed
  Front Suspension Inverted 50 mm
  Front Travel 120 mm
  Rear Suspension Rear Mono Shock w/ Spring Preload & Rebound Damping Adjustability
  Rear Travel 123 mm
  Front Brake Dual Disc, Ø 320 mm
  Rear Brake Disc, Ø 260 mm
  Front Tire 120/70-17
  Rear Tire 180/55-17
  Overall Length 85.03 inches
  Overall Width 31.5 inches
  Overall Height 46.5 inches
  Seat Height 31.5 inches
  Wheelbase 58.3 inches
  Ground Clearance 7.1 inches
  Fuel Tank 3.96 gallons
  Weight 458.5 pounds

The chassis of the TNT series bikes is a hybrid design of tubular steel and alloy castings, this allows for chassis parts that need to be rigid, like the swingarm pivot area, to be rigid while also allowing some flex which makes any bike more tolerant of rough roads and the tires of your choice, Pirelli tires come stock in that most Italian of traditions. A little controlled chassis flexibility also makes any motorcycle MUCH more forgiving of mistakes or unforeseen circumstances when riding with aggression.

Comfort is very good and well thought out.  Controls are right where they need to be, reach to brake and clutch lever by no means excessive, footpeg placement is likewise rational and not cramped at all.  Seat height is pretty much in the middle of the range for 600cc bikes, neither as high nor low as other 600cc bikes currently offered by other manufacturers.

Basically the TNT series of motorcycles are designed from the ground up for everyday riding and are not intimidating for newer riders. Why not try out something new, you just might like it! We have both the TNT models in 300cc and 600cc available for test rides, just call us to schedule your demo!

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