Aprilia Performance Ride Control

Aprilia Performance Ride Control, or APRC for short, is Aprilia's suite of rider aids available on the RSV4 and Tuono V4R models. The system uses 2 accelerometers and front and rear wheel speed to monitor vehicle dynamics. This is a direct influence of Aprilia Racing's technology and testing in the field of World Superbikes. The result is what experts call the best set of rider aids available on a production motorcycle. Extremely adaptable to rider skill and style, the APRC pacakge is a benefit to any rider and each individual component can be customized or disabled completely.

AF1 Racing and APRC

We at AF1 Racing have learned and used APRC extensively and believe it will become a prime deciding factor when looking at what our bikes have to offer. It is one of our favorite features of the Aprilia line and nothing else on the market compares. If you are seriously considering a bike with APRC and would like to experience it first hand, please stop by.


On the fly adjustments can be made using the APRC controller.


Aprilia Traction Control

The dashboard shows APRC settings at a glance.

The Cornerstone of the APRC suite is Aprilia Traction Control. ATC uses the full ability of the APRC sensors to look at lean angle and wheel speeds while also using an outside variable in the throttle position. This is possible because of the ride by wire system used in Aprilia's motorcycles.

Once the rear wheel begins to slip, the system reduces torque and but still allows the rider to adjust throttle and thus control the slide coming out of corners. There are 8 levels of traction control that are adjustable via a 2 button controller on the left handlebar. Adjustments can be made on the fly without closing the throttle allowing the rider to actively adapt to changing tire or pavement conditions.

Because of Aprilia's advanced electronics, ATC is the only system in the world that can self learn and adapt to different types and sizes of tire as well as gearing differences. Most other systems are designed only to work with one specific tire and/or size, negating all of the gains if you prefer something else. ATC runs through a learning process activated by the rider in order to optimize the traction control ability after changing tires or gearing. A truly remarkable smart system. 

Aprilia Wheelie Control

Wheel speed sensors in combination with dual accelerometers give APRC precise, live data to assist with rider control.

In many situations today, a superbike is hampered trying to accerlerate by wanting to lift the front wheel. The rider is required to drag the rear brake or let up on the throttle and slow acceleration to keep the wheelie under control. Aprilia resolves this with AWC (Aprilia Launch Control) and gives the rider 3 levels of intervention again, independently adjustable from the other portions of APRC. This patented system is able to “tell” when a wheelie begins and ends and kicks in to smoothen wheel contact with the road. Smooth, soft wheelie management avoids harsh power cuts or pick-ups, providing perfect acceleration control.

Find out how the APRC works - Aprilia Performance Ride Control system.

Aprilia Launch Control

Yet again, a common problem with today's extremely potent superbike is getting a good or perfect start. Too much or too little throttle or clutch can easily cause a bad start and severely limits your chances at a place on the podium. The ALC (Aprilia Launch Control) system ensures an instant start as the lights go out, applying full power to the road to assist the rider in this critical moment of the race. All the rider needs to do is give full throttle and release the clutch as he normally would and shift gears. The ALC has three settings that can be selected from the instrument panel menu, then it must be “armed” at standstill, by squeezing both traction control buttons on the left handlebar controller at the same time.

Aprilia Quickshift

The last, but not least, function of APRC is the Aprilia Quickshift, or AQS. A quickshift system better executed than any accessory and makes upshifting in performance riding situations seamless.  While this feature is a massive boost to the track rider looking for lower lap times, it also helps the street rider. In situations where a bumbled clutch release or movement of left hand may not be ideal, the AQS system gives back 10 fold. Basically, the AQS shortens spark advance for an instant and then gradually restores it, making for super-fast shifting with no need to close the throttle or use the clutch. To optimise AQS performance, Aprilia engineers have fine-tuned power cut timing based on shifting RPM. The system feels the pressure on the shift lever via a sensor. After you've experienced AQS, you won't want to go back.