Keep Austin Geared.

We're huge proponents of All The Gear All The Time [ATGATT], and we also like to have a little style. Problem is, it can be very difficult to combine the two. Are you going to work or riding in the Dakar Rally? Knee pucks for your ride down to the coffee shop? Do your coworkers constantly make references to storm troopers, sci-fi robots, and the Black Power Ranger? You get the picture and, difficult as it may seem, it's possible to dress for the occasion and still be protected.

We're gear hounds, constantly sniffing around for the best. That appreciation for what keeps you safe and stylish has led us to a select few brands. Some of these brands may be more recognizable than others, but all will meet our expectations of safety, quality, and design.

Before you ride on down the page, think about this: "Ride Local, Buy Local." Whether from us, or another local dealer or retailer, support the guys and gals that are doing what they love as the backbone of our riding community. We're constantly working to curate a selection of what we believe our riders are looking for, not just what's available. Then we make a best effort to stock sizes and colorways. If we don't have it, we'll get it ASAP for you, but we know you'll be happiest if you can have the experience of a proper fit and speak with someone who knows apparel.


Hailing from Netherlands, the land of orange, REV'IT! produces some of the most outstanding, stylish, well engineered riding apparel on the planet. We're huge fans of the quality and thought that goes into each piece, and with uniquely defined departments, there's something for everyone. One of our personal favorites is their Urban lineup featuring gear you could wear off the bike and no one would be the wiser it was made for motorcycling. Stop by and check out what REV'IT! has to offer.


Roland Sands Design Apparel

AF1 is a retailer Roland Sands Design Riding Apparel. RSD is relatively new to the market of Apparel starting in 2012, but new is a good thing too. Roland Sands has brought a fresh eye and a wise mind when creating his line of apparel.  Using high-grade hand worked leather, the styling is sharp and hints at classic motorcycle apparel without being appearing old. The best part is RSD did not sacrifice protection and fits any rider on any style of bike.


shark helmets

Shark has been concentrating on building amazing quality helmets largely for the European market, for nearly 3 decades. With incredible safety tech like the "Shark Fin System" (a system of energy dissipation), and being the first helmet manufacturer to publicly offer a carbon helmet, they are potentially the best helmet maker you've never heard of. We currently stock the S700 and Race R series helmets and know that you will be incredibly impressed and just as safe.


Bell Helmets

Bell Helmets, a name synonymous with motorcycling and safety. An American brand based out of California and born in the 1950s, Bell has been reassuring riders with safe head protection for decades. With state of the art facilities Bell is able to push the boundaries of what a helmet can be. Light, safe, aerodynamic, stylish, all of these are qualities found at Bell's core and throughout their line of helmets. Here at AF1 Racing, we're big fans of the Bell Bullitt and what is has brought to the classic style market.