Two Wheel Drive...yes, you read that right. In the world of motorcycling 2WD has been an experimental process covering almost a century, Ural has taken the tried and literally battle tested approach used in WWII and run with it! When needed, and ONLY when needed you simply move a lever and the final drive powers a second driveshaft to the outboard wheel on the sidecar, locked 1:1 with the bike's main wheel like a "locking differential" so popular in the off road truck and SUV community for serious off road use! Once you have extracted your bike, passenger, gear and yourself from the mud, snow, sand or other encumberment to your forward progress you simply move that lever back into regular 1WD operation and resume your adventure!

These bikes may have a vintage look and honestly they are literally holdover designs from a bygone era but with updates for the modern world like massive Brembo brakes, fuel injection, redundant starter systems and more! You can customize to your heart and wallet's content with many options being available right from the factory or you can just ride off on an off-the-shelf unit and make yourself grin from ear to ear!

For non special edition colors and packages prices start at $15,699 and go to $15,999. Ural and AF1 offer a wide variety of paint schemes on special order.